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Aliens on our coastline!

MAJA SQUINADO – Alien or local?

Together Gibraltar talk 6th Nov 2017

SHARKS VINDICATED – Their bark is worse than their bite

SHARKS VINDICATED – Their bark is worse than their bite

Amazing Undulate ray encounter at Europa Point Gibraltar

Government commits to banning plastic microbeads in Gibraltar

Gibraltar Magazine October article

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION – How far is far enough?

Gibraltar Snorkeling highlights

Environmental column at Gibraltar magazine

I recently met up with Anna from the Gibraltar Magazine and we agreed that there was common ground for articles being written for the magazine. To this end I will be producing a regular environmental column each month.
Please feel free to have a look and pass on any feedback you may have.
Thank-you very much for the support for the Project. We appreciate it very much.

MARINE NUISANCES – Plastics in the marine environment around Gibraltar

GENIAL GALAPAGOS – Discovery waiting to happen

C.L.R Programme

C.L.R ( catch , learn , release ) Octopus Programme

Bryozoans within mussel beds.

Surface structures Of microorganisms and their interactions with their hosts.

Discovering symbiosis of animals within the mussel beds.

Bryozoans returning to their habitat

Bryozoans returning to their habitat!

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