School Programmes
Committed to teaching children about our coastline and the animals that reside along it. Topics include:

These courses can be tailored in length and content to meet the exact requirements of any institution of learning. Available from years 2 – 13 (academic years).

Coast Crawlers
The coast crawler programme is aimed at exploring life on our beaches and rocky shores. Suitable for families and schools alike, it seeks to enable learning through CLR techniques. You will be amazed at how much our coastline has to offer.

Snorkelling Trips
For those who prefer to observe the animals in their habitat, we recommend the snorkelling trips. We can leave from Rosia Bay or any of the local beaches to explore the coastline and see who we bump into! We can provide paddle boards or life jackets if you plan to come with less confident swimmers.

Boat Trips
If you don’t fancy getting wet whilst still wanting to appreciate the diversity of marine life, then our boat trips are for you. We always find different animals on every trip making each one unique.

To book a trip please use our Contact Us page to tell us how we can best meet your needs.