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Q: Are any animals harmed during these interactions?

A: No. The animals safety is our top priority in most cases. However, we recognise the power of educating young children who would not normally partake in activities like snorkelling.

Q: What is the maximum group size you cater for?

A: We are happy to accommodate children’s party’s numbering up to around 30. On the boat trips we can only facilitate around 6 maximum.

Q: Do you cater for snorkelling trips?

A: We can organise snorkelling trips for up to 5 good swimmers. Smaller groups are catered for also. This is our preferred method of interaction.

Q: Are there any other types of activities which can be enjoyed?

A: We also organise beach talks for larger groups of less confident swimmers. We believe it is important that everyone get chance to learn about these awesome animals and plants. Environmental awareness is also key to the information we give out.