NEMO is a local species reporting platform which alerts other users within the vicinity of marine sightings. The home user will be able to receive notifications of nuisance events such as jellyfish blooms or on sightings of particular interest like marine bird migrations. The app facilitates the reporting of sightings on eight different non-scientific categories and these sightings are shared with other NEMO users. 

The NEMO app was officially released on World Environment Day, 5th June 2018.
The app is able, through user sightings, of tracking the progress of invasive species like the Lionfish as it eats it was from Cypress to eventually arrive in Gibraltar and beyond. 

The meat of the lionfish is very tasty and NEMO could help indicate the correct time to open a new fishery or even when local councils should shut beaches due to the dangers the invaders pose to swimmers.

The app reached the semi-finals in the Welcome Challenge Global Forum 2018 in Tbilisi, Georgia, which seeks to promote and advise start-up organisations on a wide range of business development. It also provides access to investors and mentor initiatives to maximise start-up efficiency. 

Although the Nautilus Project is a registered charity we are constantly seeking to improve the way we engage with our audience to maximise our scientific output and the trip provided great opportunities for NEMO to receive greater exposure in Mediterranean countries and among influencers in environmental education.