Classroom sessions

Committed to teaching children about our coastline and the animals that reside along it. Topics include:

  • Marine Invertebrates

  • Marine Vertebrates

  • Turtles of the Mediterranean

  • Dangers of Plastic Pollution

  • Climate Change in our Oceans

  • Entering a microscopic world

  • Sharks vs Dolphins

  • These courses can be tailored in length and content to meet the exact national curriculum requirements of any institution.

Available from years 2 – 13 (academic years).

Field trips

One of our most popular offerings is the Coast Crawler field trip where children learning about the marine invertebrates along the coastline. In this session, the children get a full interactive experience and learn about the habitats and feeding habits of these amazing creatures.

Survey sessions

Focused on collecting data for science GCSE or A’Level course practical requirements. We have a number of custom projects which reliably meet the demands of practical work.

If you are interested in booking a survey session then please Contact Us soonest to avoid disappointment

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